Saurabh Flexipack

Meet the Client

Started in 1998, Saurabh Flexipack Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune-based manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines and allied systems for the dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries across the world. They have a massive global presence, with more than 600 clients across various markets and countries. Thanks to their state-of-the-art machinery and systems, they are one of the top companies in their field and have been steadily growing for the past 25 years.
Saurabh Flexipack

Prime Objective

Online marketing and generating high-quality leads with Worldwide increased brand presence were the prime objectives for them when they chose Kaizen 360 Branding Pvt. Ltd. They also wanted to market across social media platforms and have a strong positive presence in this sphere.

What we did

A website is your foremost tool for digital marketing. This is the endpoint for your target audience, and the website needs to be good if it should have the ability to convert a potential lead into a customer. Therefore, we started with a thorough audit of their website and began maintenance operations. We got all the front-end and the back-end systems up to speed to ensure the website was functioning at its optimal best. Now, we do regular website maintenance to ensure the website keeps functioning at its optimal best.

Lead generation was the next task on the list. After getting a thorough understanding of their business and doing a comprehensive competitor analysis, we devised a lead generation campaign that we could execute through multiple online mediums. Since primarily Saurabh Flexipack Systems Pvt. Ltd. sells its machinery and services to other companies, the campaign had to be expertly designed considering the niche target audience.

The campaigns included LinkedIn Marketing, which has emerged as one of the best social B2B marketing channels. We created pages and posts that would increase engagement and created marketing campaigns that would also double up as lead generation tools. All the designs and copies were expertly created to imbibe Saurabh Flexipack Systems Pvt. Ltd. unique business and brand identity. Email marketing was also another important part of the lead generation strategy. High-quality emailers were created to reach out to potential customers who would be guided towards the website.

And finally, we also employed one of the best modern online marketing tools - SEO. SEO ensures long-term results. It is one of the best methods to ensure continuous growth. Employing best SEO practices, we enhanced the website to make it technically sound and SEO-friendly. For offline SEO, we created blogs and articles to be posted on various websites, forums, and media channels related to their business.


Most of the traffic on Saurabh Flexipack's website was organic and this was not enough. As mentioned above, we used sound tactics like paid marketing campaigns on Google and LinkedIn, email marketing, and SEO. Each activity delivered excellent engagement and the results were as follows:


Increase in website traffic


Increase in enquiries


Higher conversion rate at