Bhagwati Group-


Client profile

Bhagwati Group is a real estate firm with many projects at prime locations in Pune. They have a good reputation and goodwill in the industry.

The project scope-

Bhagwati Group had many upcoming projects around the city. It was a crucial period where they really needed to portray the brand on a large scale. Hence, they needed a logo that went with belief system and core values.

Our solutions-

Bhagwati Group is named after Goddess Bhagwati. The challenge was to adapt her image in a modern avatar and still manage to give it a corporate look. Once finalized, the logo was also to be printed across all paraphernalia. Kaizen Design Studio provided all required services.


  • The final logo was well received and used across all communication and marketing channels.
  • We also designed and printed their office stationery along with the new logo.
  • Bhagwati Group now proudly displays the logo on all their sold out and upcoming real estate projects.
  • Bhagwati Group Image  Bhagwati Group Image  Bhagwati Group Image  Bhagwati Group Image