With the staggered unlock phases in place, we all are ready to resume our businesses, but with certain guidelines adhering to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus. We all need to accept the 'new normal'. For this, the staff needs to be consistently reminded to follow cleanliness measures and preventive practices for keeping them as well as the customers safe. We are in this together! Presenting a small initiative from team Kaizen! This initiative assists you in communicating the guidelines clearly and consistently through printable posters so that you can focus on strategizing for gaining substantial outcomes from your business while keeping your staff safe. Our #WorkSafety posters are free to download and easily printable. They cover almost all guidelines necessary for keeping COVID-19 at bay. If you feel, you can get the guideline posters embedded with your logo at just ₹250! Stay safe! Work safe!

Free to download
All posters are free to use
and easy to download
Easy To Print
All posters are A4 sized and easy to print.
They can be scaled up and printed upto 3ft X 2ft
We have created posters for almost all
areas like office space, common areas & many more.

We are here to help your business to adapt to
the 'New Normal'